Who are we?

Why Ceiba?

The name of our company Ceiba is derived from the title of the gigantic tropical treeCeiba Pentandra. Ceiba grows mainly in the tropical rain forests, as well as in the dry tropical forests in Mexico, in Mesoamerica and in South America. It can also be found in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and even in West Africa. The Genus of Ceiba includes 10 species of the big tropical trees of the family Bombacaceae, including “baobab”, the tree of Africa. It is the Ceiba tree, however, that is really the giant.

Ceiba is among the biggest trees found in tropical forests, and the biggest grow up to 60 meters. The characteristic of this tree is a big treetop, which creates an “umbrella” over the others trees and provides protection for many species of smaller plants and animals.

The tree has a high column robust trunk and even more robust roots for its stability. Already people from ancient world believed that the tree of Ceiba had been standing in the middle of the world and had connected the earth-life with the ethereal world.

The long strong voluble plants hanging from its robust treetop would have connected the real world with the world of souls that had lived above the tree. Even nowadays, when lots of trees are cleared because of new fields, the trees of Ceiba still stand towering over the new grassland and fields as a memory of the wide and lively forests which had been standing there before. When we were searching for a name of our company, we have found inspiration in an organization called the Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation.

This organization works to rescue and rehabilitate the tropical localities and save their biota.

The aim of this organization is the conservation and monitoring of the ecosystem. Our aim is to become like the Ceiba tree is to other trees; taller and stronger, with the robust trunk and strong roots to be the stable partner for you.

Ceiba company and her Ceiba branches are located and supply the customers in these countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Also our distributors in Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine or Turkey take care about the customers in these countries. Our main warehouse is located at the Czech Republic near Prague.

We are Ceiba.